Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease (also called Peripheral Artery Disease) is a condition of the circulatory system that causes the blood vessels to narrow and reduce the flow of blood to limbs. This condition indicates that a fair amount of fatty deposits and calcium have built up on the walls of the arteries. The likelihood of this condition occurring will increase with age, as most people who are diagnosed with this condition are over 40 years old. In fact, PVD is a very common disease that affects more than three million people per year in the United States. PVD can be helped by quitting smoking, increasing exercise, and improving your diet. However, when Peripheral Vascular Disease has begun to cause pain in the surrounding ligaments and muscles, this could mean that an alternative solution may need to implemented in order to relieve the pain. At Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy in San Ramon, our Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy has helped many people find pain relief for Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Stem Cell Therapy for Peripheral Vascular Disease (also known as peripheral arterial disease) has been utilized to help build new blood vessels in the body. In addition to helping break up plaque build-up in the arteries, Stem Cell Therapy can also help other areas of the body that are affected by this condition. This chronic disease can become progressive if not helped properly with proper therapy and by making some dramatic lifestyle changes. At Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy in San Ramon, we extract the stem cells from your body, concentrate them to heighten their effect, and re-injected them into the affected area to amplify the body’s ability to heal naturally. Stem Cell Therapy may not work on every person who is diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease, and that is why, at Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy, we provide an extensive initial examination consultation to completely understand your condition.

By injecting highly concentrated platelets into the affected area, the arteries that are affected begin to receive help breaking apart the plaque and build-up that is causing the artery to be clogged and causing you pain. PRP also helps restore function in the legs that have suffered from pain and tightness as a result of PVD.

If you have been recently diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease, you may be a candidate to receive Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. Don’t wait! The longer you wait to get helped, the worse your condition becomes, and the lower your chances are of finding a permanent solution. At Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy in San Ramon, we understand how important it is to live without pain, and we may be able to help you find a solution with PRP. For more information about Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy and to see if you qualify for this therapy, call Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy at (925) 393-0333 to schedule a comprehensive examination consultation in our San Ramon office.

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