Regenerative Medicine Injection Therapy


Core Benefits

Regenerative Medicine Therapy is the process of using a patient’s Regenerative tissues, which are pulled from fat cells in the body, and injecting them into an area in the body to treat an injury, disease, or condition. Theoretically, no limit has been placed on the diseases and conditions that can be helped with regenerative medicine therapy. However, research is still being conducted to establish a firm list of conditions and diseases that can be helped through regenerative medicine therapy. Today, regenerative medicine therapy is being used to help patients find a non-surgical way of recovery. Essentially, we are tapping into the patient’s healing system to promote self-healing. Regenerative Medicine therapy is not a form of an anti-inflammatory or a narcotic. It is from your body, and we are using your own system to heal itself.

Pain Free

Non-Surgical &



No Increase Chance of

Stroke or Heart Attack


Patients Have Better

Functional Scores


73% Patients Return to

Sports with Less Pain

How Does It Work?

Because Regenerative tissues have yet to become a specialized cell in the body that contribute to a specific part or tissue, the doctors at Bay Area Regenerative Medicine Therapy are able to extract the Regenerative tissues and relocate them to promote natural healing in damaged areas. Obtaining Regenerative tissues is a fairly painless procedure that involves pulling Regenerative tissues from the fat cells in the body. Before we begin extracting the Regenerative tissues, our doctors will completely numb the area so that all you will feel is a bit of pressure in the area of extraction. A mature regenerative medicine can help to repair damaged cells and even become other cells, which is called differentiation. These cells sustain their positions in the body to respond when repair is needed. However, as the body continues to age, it does not produce as many of these cells as needed to fully repair the damaged area. This is when regenerative medicine therapy is especially effective. After the Regenerative tissues are extracted, they are concentrated down to increase their healing ability, so when they are reintroduced into the body, the concentrated Regenerative tissues begin repairing damaged cells immediately. The idea here is to promote natural healing in the body by using its own Regenerative tissues to increase a regenerative response. Regenerative Medicine therapy then becomes a beautiful alternative for various ailments that we think to be appropriate, and nobody rejects their own blood.

What Conditions Does PRP Therapy Help?

Essentially, regenerative medicine therapy can help a wide range of conditions. At Bay Area Regenerative Medicine Therapy in San Ramon, we utilize regenerative medicine therapy to help improve tissue injuries, bone injuries, arthritis, and osteoarthritis among other conditions. This is different from Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) because Regenerative tissues are not yet plasma. Where PRP utilizes the platelets in the blood to increase growth factors in tissues and affected joints, regenerative medicine therapy manipulates the cells before they can become part of an environment, making the cells more diverse to adapt and begin healing different injuries, conditions, and diseases that cannot be helped with PRP.

Some of the more popular uses for regenerative medicine therapy are to help with knee and back injuries where chronic pain has developed into arthritis or tendonitis. Typically, arthroscopic surgery or joint replacement are the solutions for most joint and back injuries, but regenerative medicine therapy at Bay Area Regenerative Medicine Therapy in San Ramon can have the same result without the possibility of immobility or significant loss of function.

Regenerative Medicine therapy plays a key role in the process of bone, wound, and tissue healing. The use of Regenerative tissues, a portion of the patient’s own body having been concentrated more than normal, to promote healing of injured bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems.

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