Seana Hogan

Race Across America 2016 Record holder, Women’s Age 50-59

Long distance cycling champion Seana Hogan holds the world record for the transcontinental bicycle race set in 1999 and has won the race 7 times. However in 2003 she sustained a tibial plateau fracture which subsequently left her with chronic knee pain and bone on bone cartilage changes in her right knee.

On September 2014, Seana Hogan underwent a procedure performed by Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle in which cells were taken by liposuctioning fat from her abdomen under local anesthesia. Regenerative cells were removed from the fat and these cells were then mixed with platelet rich plasma from her blood and injected into her knee.

Regenerative Medicine Joint Treatment

 “I had lost hope that I would ever race again. Dr. Riopelle rejuvenated my knee and my dreams.”

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